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Suddenly, October, 2020

This is a year I’d rather forget. First of all, Spring seemed to last forever. So cold and so little rain. Then it jumped into summer with such oppressive heat and humidity.

When we first got down to the hen house, we were greeted with a collapsed rock wall. The intense heat and humidity kept us from working on that wall until things cooled down a bit – so, August. We went through 32 bags of premix concrete – and we’re not finished yet.

To top it all, we had a drought throughout end of May to middle of August. I lost a couple of young trees – the older cedars along the border suffered.  Hydrangeas hardly bloomed and then only sparsely.  The grass turned brown.  Annuals up and died.

Did I mention COVID-19?  My business stuttered and fainted.

Then, everything seemed to go wrong. A bunch of little things too numerous to mention. The van needed new brakes, front door hardware needed to be replaced, a storm ripped some shingles off the highest peak of the gable. Trouble finding someone to climb up there to repair. The list goes on and on.

We did have a nice Thanksgiving, though. Friends came for dinner. After dinner we went down to the hen house where Charlie had built a nice fire. We sat around it and drank Irish Cream liqueur.

I can’t wait for this shitty year to be over. Hopefully next year will make up for the crap that this year caused.


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