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Suddenly, July!

Well, the year so far, has not been a total waste. I did get the paint and painted the kitchen. I must say I did a good job. It looks great. I still have the stairwell to do. In places the ceiling is so high, it scares me. I will need help there.

When the maples first started to bud, we sprayed them with Lime Sulphur. It stunk but I didn’t care. So far I see very little of those dreaded yellow spots (which eventually spread and turn black). Then, only on the first tree. The others seem to be spared. Fingers crossed.

Regarding trees to plant, I did not get the Eastern Redbud. Too cold here. I did not get the Catalpa. Only available ones were way too big to fit in the van, plus it would need a couple of big guys to get it moved around and planted. I did get the Witch Hazel, though.

I had wanted to paint the white shutters black for the longest time but my hubby vehemently rejected the idea. We battled it out. Long  story short, the shutters are now black. They look stunning. A damned sight better than those wimpy white ones.


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