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Suddenly, A New Year

I know I should be doing all kinds of great things during this down-time. I should buy paint and start painting the walls. I know what colour so what’s taking so long? I need to be motivated. All this COVID-19 talk is getting me down. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Instead of buying paint, I’ve decided to decide on what to plant in the garden. I know, procrastination.

Here’s my list:

For veggies, the usual lettuce, kale, beans. Lots of beans.

Trees: Eastern Redbud, Catalpa, Witch Hazel. I had added Winterberry for the obvious reasons. What bothers me is that, from what I’ve read, they like swampy areas. I don’t want the hassle of constant watering. I might change my mind. I would need 2 – one male, one female or I won’t get those pretty red berries in the winter.

My reason for the additional trees are twofold. One, to provide more shade (eventually). Two, I’ve chosen trees that flower and that is an attempt to liven up the garden. My aim is to have a garden that is attractive to the eye all four seasons.

If, what the scientists say is correct, that the planet is warming, then the more shade I have, the better we’ll be. If last year is any indication of what is to come, we’d better plant what can withstand the heat.

So, wish me luck. I wish you good health.

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