The Naughty Gardener

When city gal moves to country, anything can happen.

Finally, Spring 2020

It took a long time this year. Made you snicker at the Global Warming guys. So, along with the warmer weather, bugs. Oh yes, black flies, mosquitoes, all manner of flying insects. Oh well, gotta take the bad with the good. Right? We had a big storm and lost a few of our shingles. I had a hard time finding someone who would climb up to that gable but a great guy showed up and fixed the roof thanks to a Toronto friend whose ex-husband knew a guy.

Again, sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know.

after the storm

roof, repair

Roof being repaired








A few shots of my garden, so far.


Author: Erika

After having lived all our lives in cities my husband and I daydreamed how nice it would be to live in the country. We had no idea what was involved but figured as long as we could get satellite tv, it was doable. Boy, were we in for a big surprise.

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