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Time to Start Seeding

Early February I took the geraniums out of their newspaper wrappers, dehydrated them in a bowl of water for a couple of days, then potted them up. Sadly, only two of the 13 I had wrapped last fall survived. Those two are doing very well, putting on lots of leaves and looking strong.

A couple […]

February Blahs

It’s mid February and it’s hard to think about gardening at this time of year. The weather is unpredictable. We’ve had lots of snow and ice. I wish it would stay cold but no such luck. Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw. My poor plants don’t know what to do. Oh well, this too […]

The Rockery – from Idea to Reality

It was a fine Spring Day that May in 2012. While walking down the slope beside the house, I had a terrible fall. It was as though the hill had risen up and thrown me down. I broke my ankle in three places and spent the rest of the Spring and Summer in a wheelchair.