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Time to Start Seeding

Early February I took the geraniums out of their newspaper wrappers, dehydrated them in a bowl of water for a couple of days, then potted them up. Sadly, only two of the 13 I had wrapped last fall survived. Those two are doing very well, putting on lots of leaves and looking strong.

A couple of weeks ago, I sowed Coleus seeds. They seem to be doing OK. I have repotted 21 of them as I need that many for my various pots and planters. I have backups in case the repotted ones run into trouble.

Yesterday, I received my seed order. Given the crazy times, I wondered if I’d get them at all but they came. I sowed geraniums, marigolds, petunias and lobelias.  Gee, I found it expensive for the seeds, even. This is done inside of course. Luckily, I have a sun room that gets plenty of light. It’s unheated so I can put the seedlings in the sun room provided the sun is shining and warming up the room. At night, I bring them in. Hopefully, they’ll grow and prosper for the end of May when they’ll be planted outdoors.

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