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Lightbulb Went Off in my Head

Five years ago, I broke my ankle walking down the slope on wet morning dew, slipped,  screamed and was incapacitated for three months. We won’t go into the gory details. I missed that whole summer. I couldn’t spend time in my beloved garden.

That slope attacked me. I wanted revenge so this is what I did.

I started by carving out steps so as to walk down the slope safely. Once done, I looked at the contour of the slope and thought, I think I should turn it into a rockery.

Easier said than done.

The rocks had to be carried from the bottom of the slope, up a set of stairs, then up another slope where the wheelbarrow sat. When full, I’d roll it to the site and from there, place them into position. Most of this was done during the month of July.

This is the type of project that, once you start you have to complete. There is no turning back. There were times when it seemed I’d probably die before being able to finish. It was that exhausting. At one time, after having schlepped a particular heavy bolder up the stairs, I sat down in the hen house and saw stars in front of my eyes. I closed one eye and realized the stars appeared on the other eye. It took about an hour before they vanished.

Now that the rockery is complete I look around and am unhappy with everything else. You know the feeling – like when you paint one room and then all the other rooms look bad. And so it is with this – there is no end in sight.