Before There Was You

That Weekend in Miami

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Zoe needed to get away.  “I’m going to sell this house.  When I get back, I’ll put it on the market.  Five wasted years,” she thought bitterly, while throwing her things in her suitcase. I’m selling this house and moving to the city. No more long comutes just because he wanted to live in a small town. She’d find a new kennel for George, her Lhasa Apso.

Zoe had taken an extra day off from her job as Business Development Manager for a large Toronto advertising agency, so she could leave early Friday and return Sunday night.  George was at the kennels.  The plane will leave Friday at 9AM, Toronto time.  She’ll be on it and, if only for a few days, try to forget this last week.

She deplaned in Miami, took a cab to the Fountainebleau, checked in, unpacked, slipped into a pair of shorts and halter-top, poured a gin and tonic from the mini-bar, took a seat on her balcony and lit a cigarette.  Her room overlooked the beach and she sat and looked out at the happy people cavorting.  Couples, children, families – looking happy to be together.  What was it he said?  He didn’t want to be married anymore.  He felt confined.  He needed his space.  He wanted to be free.  Bullshit.  Her friend, Carol, told her she had seen him having dinner with a young, dark-haired woman.  That’s when she realized he left her for another.  Bastard. Liar.  She sat and drank and cried for hours until she finally crawled into bed and fell asleep. (more…)