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The Aftermath of Tragedy

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It has come to my attention that, whenever there is a personal loss, be it a divorce or a death of a partner, strange things happen to the grieving partner.  After the initial pain has subsided, there is a desire to have sex with multiple partners.  This can go on for days, months or even years.

Is it that we need the warmth of another person touching us? Is it we must have someone to fill the void. Is it the need for a reassertion of life?  Whatever it is, it is a strong urge that can only be calmed with sex.

What curious creatures we humans are – filled with contradictions.  How many times have you heard of “men of the cloth” succumbing to their primal urges?  Why do we even bother to lay out such strict modes of behaviour when they are doomed to failure?

If you have the answer to any of those questions, I’d like to hear from you.

Men, Clothes And Dieting

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Sitting at their usual brunch cafe, the girls are talking about their favourite subject besides men and clothes. That would be dieting.

Fran frowned and moaned, “I hate sipping on Perrier when I should be having a Bloody Casaer”.

“Then have a Bloody Casaer. You look great. I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I should have a butt like yours.” said Carol.

“Carol’s right. You worry too much. You’ll give yourself frown lines if you keep that up,” added Melanie, sipping on her spritzer. “Now, it’s me who has the problem”

“You do not.  What are you – a size five?” asked Carol, then smiling “Anyway, we should all eat healthier and we do most of the time except when we’re together.”

“Not me.  I eat shit.  Nothing but shit.  I eat shit from the moment I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep at night. Without a word of a lie.”

“Oh well, when you’re ready, you’ll do it without blinking an eye.” Melanie smiled at her friend.  To her, she always looked good but then, she’s not in her skin.

“When I was young, I could fast all day drinking black coffe and smoking cigarettes.  Then at dinner, I’d have meat and vegetables.  After about a week or two, I didn’t want to eat during the day.  It became easy to fast.  But then, I stopped smoking and I went all to hell.  I don’t know which is worse, smoking or eating.”  Fran frowned.

“Well, smoking smells bad, especially to a non-smoker,” added Melanie.

“And eating looks bad, especially to thin people,” answered Fran.

“Look, life is short.  Let’s try to enjoy it the best way we know how.  Let’s eat, drink and be merry”  said Carol, raising her glass.

“Chin, chin,” they clicked glasses and dove in the food.

Wife Or Mistress, Which Is Better?

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The other day my cousin Angela wrote to say, while attending a performance of La Bohem,  she had met a man during intermission.  Being an opera fan and with nobody to accompany her, she had decided to go alone.  While ordering a glass of white wine, an attractive older gentleman approached her and asked her how she enjoyed the show.  She detected an accent and asked if he was a visitor to her city.  She discovered he was Italian, a maestro with an Italian symphony.  My cousin speaks some broken Italian which is aided by the fact that her father is Italian and therefore Angela has an Italian surname. He seemed quite taken by her. It’s amazing how much can be said and the connections you can make during a short intermission.  He gave her his card, asked her to email him any time she wanted.  When next she finds herself in Rome, he would be pleased to show her around.

This gentleman is at least twenty years her senior so chances are he’s married with a family.  Becoming his girlfriend or mistress is really the best she can hope for.  Or not.  Maybe he is divorced – he did not wear a ring, after all.  Maybe he never married.  Or maybe he’s gay.  That would change everything. 

That got me thinking – what is better – to be a wife or a mistress?  Let me see.  A wife usually implies a family, inlaws, school, noise, bills.  A mistress implies gold lame pyjamas, romantic dinners, hot sex, quiet togetherness.  Men of means often opt for both.  Of course he wants a family, especially sons, to carry on the “name” and traditions.  But for interludes that nourish the soul, there is nothing like a good mistress.

So, which would I opt for given the opportunity?  I don’t know.  I should think it would depend on the man.  If I were to be someone’s mistress and not having the financial security that marriage brings, I would want expensive gifts, and I don’t mean just jewelry and furs but real estate and blue chip stock.  After all, I would know that as my beauty fades or he becomes bored, I will probably be replaced by a younger version. 

I relayed that thought to Angela.  I wonder what she will decide to do.

Snap Up That Man

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I was sitting here thinking about the men I’ve known over the years. They fell into two categories – those that wanted to get involved in a serious way and those that didn’t. I’m not talking about sex here, for a change.

Case Number One: The man wants to get serious. I don’t. He verbalizes his intentions and I feel a knot growing in the centre of my chest, around my heart. It felt like a noose that was tightening and moving up my eusophegus, chocking me until I wanted to scream or cry. Of course, I did neither. I’d stutter some foolishness like I’m late for a dental appointment. Anything, to get me out of the situation quickly.

Case Number Two: I want to get serious. He doesn’t. I should have been aware of the signs. It’s not as though they were cleverly disguised or anything. Does he work every weekend, holidays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day? Of course, he’s married or in a serious relationship with someone else, using me as a diversion from the mundane.

Case Number Three: Our eyes meet, something goes ping in my head, I can’t disguise that little smile that suddenly appears on my face – and his. It all seems so right. His hands feel soft, his smile is warm. I don’t feel threatened or like I want to dash off to a dentist appointment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make that happen at will? Maybe you can. In any case, it’s worth a try.

Vibrating Sunday Brunch

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The girls met up for brunch one Sunday morning in January. Their favourite hotel had a jazz brunch every Sunday. Great music, good food and their favourite company – each other.

After a couple of Bloody Caesars the conversation, as usual, turned to sex. (more…)

My Friend, Fred

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So, there we were sitting at head table and I’m so nervous I can’t stop shaking. Gawd, how I hate being in the spotlight. Where is the waiter with my drink? I ordered a double martini a half hour ago. Well, maybe just a couple of minutes ago but it feels like a half hour. Why did I agree to come? These Advertising Association dinners are a bore what with the long speeches and all. OK so Fred is president and asked me to join him for this dinner. He’s a nice guy and I’ve known him forever so I accepted. Besides, they always put on quite a splash. (more…)

The Virgin

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They met at a dance at her family’s country club. It was a warm summer evening. She wore a sleeveless red dress. He wore a black suit. He was tall, broad shouldered. She was bosomy. He smiled a lot. She was nervous. She was fifteen. He was thirty.

He took her to dances and night-clubs. She sensed that he was not right for her but her inexperience with the opposite sex kept her from voicing her fears to anyone. Meanwhile, she enjoyed the attention. She felt loved and oh so mature. (more…)

The Club “Sandwich”

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Fran always found it troublesome when ovulating. Her need for sex was so intense, she didn’t care who it was or how he looked. She just wanted sex and lots of it. Two at once, three, who cared? The more the better – that was her fantasy during that period.

It came to pass that at a party at her club she spotted two handsome young men, we’ll call them Jake and John. After a couple of glasses of wine, which only intensified her desire, she approached them with an idea for a club “sandwich”. They seemed amused and somewhat intrigued to have such a suggestion brought to them. They were actually the perfect choice since they were guests and not members. The more anonymity, the better. Fran had the key to a friend’s apartment in order to water the plants while her friend was on a cruise. Perfect, she thought. They drove behind her and, once there, entered. (more…)

A Warm and Sunny August Saturday

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What a great day for getting together.  August, Saturday, sunny and, for once, not humid.  Sitting together at a sidewalk café, Melanie, Carol and Fran ordered a litre of white wine and lit up.  Seems like the only place you can have a smoke these days is outdoors. 

“I wonder if there are any statistics out there that can tell us if cancer has been reduced since the no-smoking ban,” mused Melanie.

“I’m willing to bet none.  I’m willing to bet that the smoking ban has not made one scrap of difference in longevity or quality of life,” added Fran.

“In its stead we have an explosion of obesity” said Carol.  “And that looks charming, doesn’t it?”

“Well I for one either eat or smoke.  If I can’t smoke, I eat or drink,” this from Melanie.

“Nothing stops me from drinking – nor you, for that matter” added Fran with a chuckle. 

They all laughed. They’d known each other since high school and were in their absolute comfort zone when they were together. (more…)

White Water Rafting

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Melanie and Carol were sipping Perrier in the club lounge, talking about their tennis game and remarking on the heat. Here it is September and still blazing hot. Seems the summers are getting hotter and longer every year. Oh well, thank God for cool showers and air-conditioning.

Just then, Sam wandered in, smiling. “Well, well, well, who have we here? Why it’s Melanie and Carol” Sam removed his baseball cap, bowed deeply while sweeping the cap in an arc across the floor. “Mind if I join you?”

Melanie smiled. Carol nodded and said, “of course”.

Sam was a good looking guy, tall with thick light brown hair, forty-something, athletic, Air Canada pilot. Sam sat down. A lot of the women in the club eyed him longingly. A lot of the men envied him for being such a chick magnet. Everyone liked being around him. He had an easy laugh and generous nature. (more…)

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